Devin Columbus, MA, CCRC

Program Manager

Devin Columbus (she/her/hers), grew up in New York and attended Marymount Manhattan College for her undergraduate degree in Biology. She conducted undergraduate research under the mentorship of Dr. Ann Aguanno examining the role of Cyclin-dependent kinases in neuroblastoma cell lines.

Devin attended New York University, and later CUNY Hunter College, for graduate school. She completed her degree in Dr. Patrick Eichenberger’s lab where she studied genomics of endospore forming bacteria. During graduate school, Devin solidified her interest in microbiology and, more specifically, host-pathogen dynamics.

After completing her graduate studies, Devin worked as a technician and manager in Dr. Adrian Erlebacher’s lab where she contributed to work describing immunity during the premalignant phase of endometrial carcinoma. In 2015, she transitioned towards more clinically-focused research by coordinating a study that designed and assessed a Hepatitis C Linkage to Care program for individuals incarcerated within the NYC jails system. Since 2017, she has worked in Dr. Joel Ernst’s lab as project manager of the multi-institutional Tuberculosis Research Unit (TBRU-ASTRa) which works to gain a comprehensive understanding of antigen-specific T cell responses in distinct outcomes of M. tuberculosis infection. Looking ahead, Devin plans to continue carving out a career in global health with a focus on infectious diseases.

Devin works remotely from New York City, which means she spends quite a bit of time in her apartment with her husband and some very well-behaved plants. When she emerges into the world, she likes to do any number of activities available in NYC such as dining-out with family and friends, going to the movies, and moseying around museums. She loves watching British mysteries, playing crossword puzzles, and riding her bike. One day, she will learn how to do all three at the same time.
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