Experimental Medicine

May CFAR Seminar: Ann Ginsberg with ESI Speaker, Sara Suliman + CFAR Spotlight on DEM

Join the UCSF-Bay Area CFAR Seminar, via Zoom, ESI Speaker, Dr. Sara Suliman followed by the CFAR Spotlight on the Division of Experimental Medicine (DEM) session including Drs. Joel Ernst, Rachel Rutishauser, Tim Henrich, Paul Ogongo, and Nitasha Kumar.

Register online prior to the event to obtain the Zoom information. 

Paul Ogongo Interview for Center for Tuberculosis

Paul Ogongo, shared, when asked did anything surprise you while conducting your research, that we have taken a unique approach of monitoring T-cell responses to individual distinct Mtb antigens as opposed to Mtb antigen pools. What we have found exciting, yet unexpected, is our observation that a set of less studied antigens elicit a robust interleukin-17 (IL-17) responses while the more commonly studied antigens do not.