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  • DEM is happy to have Peter Hunt join the Division.

Training and Employment

We are continually searching for exceptional individuals with an interest in human immunology of infectious disease research.

HIV Cure work in the DEM

There are 40 million people, mostly women and children, who need our help.

The DEM is dedicated to eradicate HIV around the world. We wish to harness the power of collaborative, multidisciplinary science to understand how HIV interacts with the human immune system and other environmental influences, and to then develop new and effective means to tilt the balance against HIV. We aim to do this in men and in women of all ages, wherever they may be. Situated in one of the epicenters of the HIV epidemic, we have gathered experience, information, and confidence over the years: this epidemic can be brought to bay. We wish now to extend the benefits of an HIV-free, antiretroviral therapy (ART)-free life to the tens of millions of people infected with HIV around the world.


Donations play a vital role in sustaining our Mission.

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