Ernst Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Image of Joel Ernst, MD

Joel Ernst, MD

Professor and Division Chief

Non-Faculty Academics

Image of Mary Beth Moreno

Mary Beth Moreno

Specialist and Lab Manager

Post-docs, Fellows, and Trainees

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Zach Howard

Graduate Researcher

Image of Jason Limberis, PhD

Jason Limberis, PhD

Post Doctoral Scholar

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Paul Ogongo, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Laboratory Staff

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Lucas Chen

Staff Research Associate

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Julia Huffaker

Staff Research Associate

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Sky Peterson

Staff Research Associate


Lab Alumni

Pre-doctoral (PhD and/or MD)

Name Dates Current Position
David Jaye 1987 - 1987 Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology; Emory University
Erika Bracamonte 1993 - 1995 Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Arizona
Andrea Wolf 2000 - 2007 Assistant Professor, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Eleanor Kincaid 1998 - 2006 Whitehead Institute, Cambridge MA
Tyler Bold 2007 - 2011 Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Jaidip Chakravartti 2009 - 2010 Duke University
Patricia Grace 2009 - 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Ragon Institute, Cambridge MA
Kirsten Wiens 2012 - 2017 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Seattle, WA

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Dates Current Position
Charles L. Sawyers, M.D. 1988- 1988 Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Chairman, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York
R. Alexander Blackwood, M.D., Ph.D. 1987-1991 Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics; U. of Michigan
Robert Mandrell, Ph.D. 1992-1994 Research Leader, United States Department of Agriculture, Albany, CA
Stefan Zimmerli, M.D. 1993- 1995 Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases; University Hospital, Berne, Switzerland
Jesusa Rosales, D.V.M., Ph.D. 1993- 1997 Assistant Research Biochemist, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Robert Read, M.D. 1994- 1995 Head of Academic Unit - Clinical and Experimental Sciences; Professor of Infectious Diseases, University of Southampton, England
David M. Schmidt, M.D., Ph.D. 1995- 1996 Pulmonary medicine physician, Portland OR
Li-Min Ting, Ph.D. 1995- 2000 Principal Associate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Yunyan (Jennifer) Zhang, Ph.D. 1998- 2000 Associate Professor, Duke University School of Medicine
Wendy Peters, Ph.D. 1999- 2002 Director, External Science and Partnering, Sanofi US
Alejandra Solache-Diaz, Ph.D. 2000- 2002 Vice President of New Product Development, Abcam; Cambridge UK
Sabrina Sonda, Ph.D. 2000- 2001 Senior Researcher, University of Tasmania, Australia
Vijaya (Naghabushanam) Knight, M.D., Ph.D. 2000- 2003 Associate Professor, Director of the Diagnostic and Translational Immunology Lab; Children’s Hospital, University of Colorado
Ludovic Desvignes, Ph.D. 2003- 2008 Research Assistant Professor; Director, Biocontainment Facilities, NYU
Niaz Banaei, M.D. 2003- 2008 Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratory; Associate Professor of Pathology; Stanford
Giraldina Trevejo-Nuñez, M.D. 2006- 2007 Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Division of Infectious Diseases
Robert Blomgran Julinder, Ph.D. 2007- 2011 Assistant Professor, Linköping University, Sweden
Lauren McVoy, M.D., Ph.D. 2009- 2011 Associate Director, Clinical Laboratories, NYU Langone Medical Center
Smita Srivastava, Ph.D. 2010- 2015 Research Investigator, Bristol Meyers Squibb
Richard Copin, Ph.D. 2010- 2015 Research Scientist, Regeneron
Fan Lin, M.D. 2010- 2011 Associate Chief, TB Center for Diagnosis and Treatment/Tongji University School of Medicine; Shanghai, China
Wei Sha, M.D. 2011- 2012 Attending Physician/Investigator, TB Center for Diagnosis and Treatment; Shanghai, China
Haiyan Cui, M.D. 2012- 2013 Attending Physician/Investigator, TB Center for Diagnosis and Treatment; Shanghai, China
Brian Norris, Ph.D. 2013- 2018 Research Scientist, Five Prime Therapeutics
Sun Qin, M.D., Ph.D. 2014- 2015 Attending Physician/Investigator, TB Center for Diagnosis and Treatment; Shanghai, China
Colette O'Shaughnessy, Ph.D. 2014- 2016 Consultant
Miriam Bolz, Ph.D. 2016- 2018 Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Jessica Jang, Ph.D. 2017- 2018 Research Scientist, Celgene
Shivani Singh, M.D., Ph.D. 2017- 2018 Instructor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Fei Ning, Ph.D. 2019-2022 Postdoctoral Scholar