Annual Goals

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We strive to continuously improve our workplace. Each year every UCSF division at Zuckerberg San Francisco General developments three improvement goals in collaboration with the UCSF Vice Dean's Office.

We invite you to review our goals, metrics, and outcomes from the previous years. 


2021 - 2022 Goals and Metrics

Goal 1

Our division will provide cross-sections of our staff with strategic resources and support needed to develop their careers including understanding career tracks and career matrices, preparation for graduate/medical school, scientific skill development, resume, CV, and interview preparation, and other resources.

Goal 1 Metric

Our division will measure this goal through the successful development and dissemination of a centralized division intranet resource page.

Goal 2

Our division aims to actively recruit four new staff members that are eligible to, and will subsequently, join the UCSF Post-Baccalaureate Research Opportunity to Promote Equity in Learning (PROPEL) program.

Goal 2 Metric

Our division will measure success by recruiting and associating four new eligible staff to the UCSF PROPEL program.

Goal 3

Our division aims to collaborate with our faculty to redevelop our values, mission, and vision to reflect the current state of our research program and our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Goal 3 Metric

Our division will measure success by the completion and dissemination of our updated values, mission, and vision.

2020 - 2021 Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1 Statement

The Division currently has a gender composition of ~40% male, 60% female. For a purely wet lab research Division, we are proud of our gender diversity. However, we need to improve the racial diversity in our faculty and staff. This year, we are targeting the hire of Black or Latinx staff and faculty to fill existing or new positions.

Goal 1 Metric

The Division will hire 3 or more Black or Latinx staff or faculty in the coming year.

Goal 1 Outcome

In fiscal year 2021, our Division hired one Black and five Latinx staff members.

Goal 2 Statement

The Division of Experimental Medicine has experienced significant turnover in our Lab Manager positions in 2020, with the new appointees having limited experience. The Division has developed a clear outline of responsibilities for the Lab Manager role, which is supported by a Lab Manager resource page, and monthly Meetings. This year, our goal is to provide monthly leadership development for the Lab Managers in our Division that will include one-hour monthly meetings to train on all aspects of the role and leadership skills development.

Goal 2 Metric

Our Division will achieve this goal through the full development of a resource webpage that will guide training for our Lab Manager with an 80% participation rate.

Goal 2 Outcome

We developed a Lab Manager job responsibilities job description addendum that was organized into trainings that had a 90% participation rate. The trainings were compiled into a Lab Manager Resource page. This resource has been used to onboard and guide new lab members joining the Division.

Goal 3 Statement

Engagement during the time of COVID-19 is a challenge for all teams and Divisions. This year, the Division will implement the use of Microsoft Teams as a way to integrate communication, both formal and casual, among and between various lab groups. This goal will support the University’s effort to roll out Microsoft Teams as the supported platform.

Goal 3 Metric

Every lab group will have a Microsoft Teams channel set-up, along with Division-wide channels focused on various activities including book club, water cooler chat, and recipe share, that accompany the business chat of each lab channel.

Goal 3 Outcome

The Division administrative team and all central files, along with committees have migrated to Microsoft Teams. Individual lab groups are set-up in Microsoft Teams and is updated with each new hire. Adoption of Microsoft Teams is on-going.