Hunt Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Image of Joshua Vasquez, MD

Joshua Vasquez, MD

Assistant Professor

Non-Faculty Academics

Post-docs, Fellows, and Trainees

Image of Talía Sainz

Talía Sainz

Visiting Scholar

Laboratory Staff

Image of Gabby Ambayec

Gabby Ambayec

Staff Research Associate

Image of Fay Chan

Fay Chan

Staff Research Associate

Image of Franceen Eshun-Wilson

Franceen Eshun-Wilson

Staff Research Associate

Image of Vanessa York

Vanessa York

Hunt Lab Manager and DEM Lab Operations Manager

Lab Alumni

Name Position
Charline Bachus Ep. Souffan Assistant Researcher
Haelee Ahn Assistant Specialist
Brandon Aguilar Rodriguez Staff Research Associate II
Angelica Chukwudebe Summer Student
Carolyn Smullin Staff Research Associate I
Rajaa Hussien Associate Specialist
Christian Deo Deguit Visiting Scholar