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The Division of Experimental Medicine is focused on the creation of new and effective vaccines and therapies against infectious agents such as HIV, HCV, TB, and Malaria. Our faculty are outstanding scientists who are experts in one or more of these infectious diseases and who wish to collaborate with one another to understand how the human immune system can best handle infection, with the goal to discover better treatments or effective vaccines. The Division is one of the few places in the world that has assembled such multidisciplinary teams working on the human immunology of these chronic infectious diseases. Our faculty also wish to attract, train, and promote a new cadre of scientists who can serve as the role models and catalysts for future scientific advances in global health.


Current Internal Collaborations

DEM has a number of collaborations across the UCSF campus, which includes:

UCSF AIDS Research Institute

The AIDS Research Institute was established at UCSF in 1996 to coordinate and integrate all of the University’s AIDS research activities. An “umbrella” to more than 50 programs and laboratories at UCSF and with our affiliated institutions, we stimulate innovation and support collaboration across scientific disciplines. They bring together hundreds of scientists to attack the epidemic from every angle, here and in scores of countries worldwide.

UCSF Bakar ImmunoX

The Bakar ImmunoX Initiative facilitates sharing of technology and findings across fields, disciplines, and geographies. From an innovative CoProjects model, to our strong themed communities, to our top-ranked education program, this initiative is the future of collaborative science.

UCSF Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

The UCSF Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Program is an interdisciplinary graduate research program that seeks to equip students with the training and research tools to study the function of tissue and organ systems in development, physiology, and disease.

UCSF Center for AIDS Research

The University of California San Francisco-Gladstone Center for AIDS Research (UCSF-Gladstone CFAR) coordinates a robust program focused on interdisciplinary research in HIV disease. Hundreds of investigators use our administrative and scientific cores and services to support translational, collaborative research occurring at the intersection of basic, clinical, and population sciences. The CFAR's developmental and mentorship programs help to ensure a strong future for scientific research.

ZSFG Division of Cardiology


ZSFG Division of Gastroenterology 

(Nahid, Cattamanchi, Metcalfe, Kato-Maeda, Graham)

ZSFG Division of HIV, ID and Global Medicine 

(Rosenthal, Dorsey, Greenhouse, Rodriguez-Barraquer; Havlir, Deeks, Chamie, Marquez, Lee)

ZSFG Division of Pulmonary


ZSFG Division of Rheumatology


Current External Collaborations

Armauer Hansen Research Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Emory University
UC Davis

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The Translational Genomics Institute