Welcome to the Core Immunology Lab

The UCSF-GIVI CFAR Immunology Core provides sophisticated immunology assays and expert consultation and educational opportunities to the HIV research community, develops specialized immunology research tools, and initiates and stimulates innovative research projects that address emerging questions in HIV research.

CIL lab

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Laboratory Services

The core provides state-of-the-art immune phenotype and function assay services in support of innovative translational studies to improve the prevention or management of HIV disease and its complication.


The Immunology Core develops, validates, and applies innovative or specialized immunology assays which accelerate research in the prevention, treatment, and monitoring of HIV/AIDS.


Core faculty train and mentor staff, students, fellows, and junior investigators in immunology research, to stimulate inclusion of immunology research in new studies through consultations and educational initiatives that inform the community of recent advances in HIV immunology, and to help community members to understand and interpret research findings.