Jason Limberis, PhD

Post Doctoral Scholar

Jason (he/him/his) grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and studied in Stellenbosch before moving to Cape Town for his MSc/PhD/Postdoc.

His first laboratory job was in a Cereal Genomics Laboratory cleaning glassware and packing pipette tips (a common practice in South Africa) that developed into an undergrad project (not a common practice in South Africa J). During his PhD and early postdoc, he investigated the clinical outcome, transmission, and infectiousness in patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis as part of the Centre for Lung Infection and Immunity at the University of Cape Town. He also spent his transition to postdoc at the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, developing methods to investigate the in vivo transcriptome of M. tuberculosis using sputum samples. Here, in the Ernst lab, he will continue with tuberculosis research.

When not in the lab, Jason is cooking, eat out, or watching anime (or TV in general). He is also trying to learn Spanish.