2018 ZSFG Department of Medicine Staff Awards

We celebrate the 2018 recipients of the ZSFG Department of Medicine Staff Awards. The awards were presented at the ZSFG Department of Medicine annual staff appreciation luncheon on August 22, 2018:


  • The ZSFG Department of Medicine Administrative Support Staff Award honors a staff member who contributes to our mission through their exceptional dedication, initiative, motivation, positive attitude, customer service and passion about their work.  Two recipients were honored:

    Eva Lo


    The first is Eva Lo, Health Education Professional in the Division of General Internal Medicine.  Eva goes above and beyond to make the ZSFG Internal Medicine Primary Care Program run incredibly smoothly and does it so humbly. We would not be who we are without her.  Eva is incredibly organized and responsive— she is the operational guru who makes our division hum!

    vanessa york

    The second is Vanessa York, Lab Research Supervisor in the Division of Experimental Medicine.  Vanessa is one of those essential people in the organization that constantly looks for ways to help others around her and the larger research community to thrive. She is hard working, professional, selfless, and always has a wonderfully positive attitude.   Her institutional knowledge and willingness to share is unprecedented. She assumes the best of people and works to help them succeed. Her compassion and influence have touched every member of the division. 


  • The ZSFG Department of Medicine Staff Excellence in Leadership recognizes a supervisor who – through outstanding leadership – enhances staff morale, builds an enriching work environment, and supports the career development of their staff. 

    Mary Ellen Kelly and Neil Powe

    The award was presented to Mary Ellen Kelly, Division Manager for Hematology & Oncology.  Mary Ellen is a fantastic division manager, working tirelessly to coordinate research, education, and clinical activities.  She is dedicated, compassionate, honest, and has integrity, and her consistent positive attitude is infectious.  

  • The ZSFG Department of Medicine Patient Care Staff Award recognizes a staff member who demonstrates excellence working and communicating with patients. This staff member exhibits concern and care for patients, while at the same time working efficiently to assist them with their needs. 

    Raymond Yi and Jep Poon

    The recipient was Raymond Yi, Patient Care Dialysis Technician in the Division of Nephrology.  Raymond consistently finds ways to help his co-workers and is warmhearted towards his patients.  He always exhibits his willingness to take on extra work or change his schedule to accommodate the needs of our patient care schedule.   Raymond is an exemplary employee and a huge asset to the ZSFG Renal Center.