Babak Javid, PhD, MB BChir

Associate Professor

I am an infectious diseases physician-scientist. My research focuses on three questions with regards to why/how tuberculosis is the world's most successful (and deadly) bacterial pathogen:

(1) how does regulation of bacterial protein synthesis allow mycobacteria to adapt to hostile environments.
(2) what is the role and mechanism of antibody-mediated immunity to tuberculosis.
(3) what the molecular mechanisms that allow Mycobacterium tuberculosis to survive antibiotics -- necessitating months-long treatment regimens.

I am always excited to explore new collaborations and work with people who are curious and passionate about making cool new discoveries, that may even be useful!
09/2011 - Postdoctoral training, Harvard Chan School of Public Health
09/2007 - Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Cambridge University Hospitals
PhD, 05/2006 - Immunobiology, University of Cambridge
04/2001 - Internal Medicine Residency, Hammersmith & University College Hospitals
MB BChir, 12/1997 - Medicine and Surgery, University of Cambridge Clinical School
BA, 06/1995 - Medical Sciences, Psychology & Neurobiology, University of Cambridge
Honors and Awards
  • Investigator, Wellcome Trust, 2017---
  • Young Immunologist of the Year, British Society for Immunology, 2003
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