Henrich Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Post-docs, Fellows, and Trainees

Laboratory Staff

Image of Amanda Buck

Amanda Buck

Visiting Scholar

Image of Tyler-Marie Deveau

Tyler-Marie Deveau

Staff Research Associate

Image of Sadie Munter

Sadie Munter

Clinical Research Coordinator

Image of Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder

UC Visiting Student

Former Personnel

Name Position Years Active
Isaac Thomas Staff Research Associate 2021-2022
Joanna Donatelli Visiting Scholar 2020-2021
Nikita Iyer Staff Research Associate 2019-2021
Leo Torres Clinical Research Coordinator 2019-2021
Christopher Nixon Assistant Researcher 2020
Shreya Kumar Research Associate 2018-2019
Cecilia Prator Postdoctoral Scholar 2018-2019
Cassandra Thanh Research Associate 2016-2019
Tony Pan Research Associate 2018-2019
Enrique Martinez-Ortiz Clinical Research Coordinator 2018-2019
Sadie Munter Research Associate Intern 2018-2019
Isa Munoz-Arias Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-2018
Erica Gibson Research Associate 2016-2018
Louise Hogan Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2018
Corinna Schreiner Visiting Scholar 2017-2018
Kristen Hobbs Research Associate  
Wildaliz Nieves Postdoctoral Fellow  
Kaitlyn Leadabrand Research Associate  
Emily Hanhauser Research Associate  
Robert Yucha Postdoctoral Fellow